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Canadian Sport Institute Calgary

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To provide a world-leading multisport daily training environment for podium pathway athletes and coaches through expert leadership, services and programs.


The Canadian Sport Institute Network is a key contributor to Canada's world leading Olympic and Paralympic podium performances.


The Canadian Sport Institute provides world-leading Olympic and Paralympic training environments to elite athletes and coaches across Alberta. With the support of our partners, our team of experts delivers sport science and medicine, coaching and life services to power podium performances and help Canada win more medals.

Canadian Sport Institute Calgary History

In the late 1980s in response to decreasing resources for high performance sport and declining international results, Canadian sport leaders called for the creation of a network of multi-sport centres in Canada.  A concerted effort was made to establish these centres, modeled after successful European sport institutes.  The first Canadian Sport Centre was established in Calgary in April 1994 as a three-year pilot project.

Calgary was selected because of the willingness and capacity of six local and national partners to commit resources for the duration of the pilot project.  The Canadian Sport Institute Calgary (CSIC) was founded on the legacies of the 1988 Winter Olympic Games; Calgary had the facilities, people, critical mass of high-performance athletes and coaches, environment of sport excellence, and strong volunteer infrastructure required.  By 2001, a network of seven Canadian Sport Centres existed, with additional Centres in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

Since 1994 we have had both success and significant impact on the performance of Canadian athletes and their coaches as well as on the Canadian high performance sport system.  The Canadian Sport Institute Calgary represents an “environment of excellence” in support of the preparation of Canadian athletes and their coaches.  Delivered by world-leading sport experts, we provide performance services, life services and coach education supported by solid business practices.

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Service Approach

All programs and services are offered in response to the individual needs of the high performance athletes and coaches, for success in sport and in life.  While podium performances are the goal, the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary also endeavours to develop athletes as individuals and as community leaders.


Performance Services

Through the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary, top Canadian athletes can access performance services provided by world leading sport experts.  These services are provided by interdisciplinary Integrated Support Teams (IST) – coordinated groups of world-class professionals dedicated to supporting the athlete and coach in achieving his or her peak potential.  Performance Services include:

Sport Science Sports Medicine
Biomechanics and Performance Analysis Physicians
Exercise Physiology Physiotherapists
Mental Performance Massage therapists
Nutrition Chiropractors
Strength and Conditioning Osteopath

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Life Services

Supporting athletes with education, career and transition with the aim of developing world-class athletes and world-class citizens. Life Services contribute to an integrated, holistic approach to athlete development and confidence to reach the podium and beyond. Life Services include: Academic, Career and Transition Planning, the Fuel for Gold Nutrition Program, Personal Counseling and an array of workshops such as Public Speaking, Media Training and Self-Marketing.

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Fuel for Gold

The Canadian Sport Institute presents Fuel for Gold, located in MacEwan Hall, providing a healthy, fresh, organic option at the University of Calgary. The Fuel for Gold menu is inspired by athletes and designed by a team of Canadian Sport Institute Calgary dietitians and professional chefs. All proceeds from the kiosk go directly toward supporting local athletes and coaches at the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary.

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Coach Services

The Canadian Sport Institute Calgary fosters and develops excellence in coaching by providing the knowledge and skills for high performance coaches through a two-year diploma program resulting in Competition-Advanced Gradation.  The program is competency-based, integrating classroom study with a coaching practicum under the leadership of a Master Coach.

The Advanced Coaching Diploma is the pinnacle of a coaches’ education in the National Coaching Certification Program. Our coaches are recognized as being among the most qualified leaders of athletes and sport programs provincially, nationally and internationally.

The Diploma consists of four core themes; Coaching Leadership, Coaching Effectiveness, Performance Planning, and Training and Competition Readiness. Each theme requires coaches to complete a series of modules comprised of several 3 hour units of in-classroom sessions, seminars, workshops or labs.

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Business Services

An experienced support team is essential to helping elite athletes achieve and maintain podium success at the international level.  The Canadian Sport Institute Calgary provides stability and continuity of sport experts who are crucial to maintaining focus and achieving sustainable success.  The Canadian Sport Institute Calgary is committed to remaining accountable to our stakeholders, including our funding partners, athletes, coaches and the Canadian public, regarding the management of our resources.  We strive to demonstrate best business practices to ensure that our operational structure is aligned with our strategic plan.


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